Petite Pink Plumeria (Plumeria x Dwarf Singapore)

Petite Pink Dwarf Singapore Plumeria is a hybrid of unknown parentage.  It has foliage that is the same as the Singapore Plumeria but has a smaller pink flower.  It is evergreen in Hawaii with a sweet fragarance.  It forms a compact tree suitable for smaller landscapes and makes a very nice potted plant.

Common Name:Petite Pink Plumeria
Botanical Name:Plumeria x Dwarf Singapore
Cultivar:Petite Pink
  • Full Sun
  • Allow to Dry between Watering
  • Attributes:
  • Dwarf or Compact Form
  • Easy Care
  • Flowering
  • Fragrant
  • Landscape Plant
  • Specimen Plant
  • Xeriscape/Drought Tolerant
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    Product ID:FRDS6
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