Vriesea 'Ella' (Vriesea 'Ella')

This small stature bromeliad plant produces a brilliant, fire engine red flower spike.  The branching spike will provide weeks and weeks of pleasure to any plant lover.  The easy care enables even a novice "green thumb" to have a satisfying experience.
Care Instructions: Prefers light shade or filtered light.  Does well indoors with temperatures between 55-80 degrees and some slight humidity.
Water when the soil is dry.  Water will naturally collect in the 'vase' of the plant.  If you are growing the plant indoors, flush the old water out of the vase to keep it from stagnating.
Light liquid feed may be given occassionally.

Common Name:Vriesea 'Ella'
Botanical Name:Vriesea 'Ella'
  • Filtered Sun
  • Full Shade
  • Attributes:
  • Easy Care
  • Flowering
  • Good Houseplant or Interior Decor
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