Kalanchoe Fantastic (Kalanchoe Fantastic (P))

Kalanchoe lucidus Fantastic (P) is a wonderful variegated variety of the Flapjack Plant.  Gold variegation shows on the leaves all year with dark red markings on a light green leaf.  During the color time of the year Fantastic lights up with Reds like it was on fire. Absolutely spectacular in it's best form.  In Hawaii, this is an HSN exclusive.  This is another discovery by the owners of Fantastic Gardens of Hawaii.

Common Name:Kalanchoe Fantastic
Botanical Name:Kalanchoe Fantastic (P)
  • Full Sun
  • Allow to Dry between Watering
  • Attributes:
  • Border Plant
  • Easy Care
  • Interesting Foliage
  • Landscape Plant
  • Xeriscape/Drought Tolerant
  • Cost: No prices currently available
    Product ID:KATF
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