2008 Exporter of the Year

U.S. Small Business Administration names

Hawaiian Sunshine Nursery

2008 Exporter of the Year

For Hawaii and Region IX


State of Hawai'i & Region IX

David Fell and Sandy Kasman

Hawaiian Sunshine Nursery, Inc.

With the firm belief that the nursery industry in Hawai'i can offer truly unique and exceptional products to the world market, David Fell and Sandy Kasman started Hawaiian Sunshine Nursery to put thought into action. For those exceptional products, quality is their number one priority, from seed to shipping. To make a further contribution to the state floriculture industry and its world-wide reputation, Fell works to cultivate new, different varieties of plants that are healthy, robust and attract attention of established distributors. He has created new bromeliads known for amazing color and hardiness that could both attract wide interest and survive the rigors of shipping to export destinations. Hawaiian Sunshine Nursery's team has participated in trade associations like Hawai'i Export Nursery Association, Hawai'i Florist & Shippers Association, and the Landscape Industry Council of Hawaii to share ideas, solutions and education to improve their business as well as their industry. Fell also contributed to the website for Hawaiian Agricultural Products to support growers with improved management and marketing skills as well as reach prospective buyers who can then order directly from the growers. Whether their plants are destined for Thailand, Costa Rica or much closer to home, these small business owners adhere to the highest standards for their tropical plants, from exotic bromeliads to anthuriums to xanthosomas. Nominated by Roxann Uyetake and Stacey Chun Fat, Bank of Hawaii

(exerpted from the SBA Small Business Week 2008 announcement)

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David Fell and Sandy Kasman