Grape Scented Ground Orchid (Spathoglottis x Grapette)

Spathoglottis Grapette smells like grape soda.  It has deeply colored purple flowers in tight clusters.  The contract between flowers and foliage is striking.  Like most Spathoglottis it likes a ph between 5 and 6.5 and regular fertilizer.  Regular applications of a mild fertilizer will help keep the plants looking good.

Common Name:Grape Scented Ground Orchid
Botanical Name:Spathoglottis x Grapette
  • Full Sun
  • Filtered Sun
  • Always Moist
  • Attributes:
  • Border Plant
  • Dwarf or Compact Form
  • Easy Care
  • Flowering
  • Fragrant
  • Ground Cover
  • Landscape Plant
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    Product ID:Spathoglottis Grapette
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