Our 2010 TPIE Awards

2010 Tropical Plant Industry Exposition

Favorite New Foliage Plant and Retailer's Choice

Kalanchoe Thyrsiflora 'Fantastic'

In the past, when we introduced Medinilla scortechinii 'Orange' at TPIE, many people came to see it and called out loudly to their friends... "Hey, come look at this!" That plant went on to be awarded the 'Favorite New Flowering Plant' of the year 2008.

At this show, there was an interesting difference in the way they showed their enthusiasm. People looked excited, but were very quiet when they looked at it. They looked around and tried to not draw too much attention. They seemed to want to keep it a secret that they saw something so special. They whispered, "WOW! That really is Fantastic". Then they would quietly ask when they could get it and how many could they have? And are we sure we did not paint those fantastic colors on it.


Time and again we have found that when a plant is truly special, people will recognize that. One does not need the largest booth at the show, or fancy lights or dancing bears to draw attention. As in this case, one little 6" pot of something truly fantastic stole their hearts. We were very honored to see that in addition to being awarded the 'Favorite New Foliage Plant' of 2010, Kalanchoe 'Fantastic' won the Retailer's Choice Award! The people have spoken. And we agree!

It's hot, it's sexy, it's succulent, it's 'Fantastic'!


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Kalanchoe Thyrsiflora 'Fantastic'