Alcantarea ' Volcano Mist' (Alcantarea sp.)
Volcano Mist is a unique cultivar that grows up to 8 ft in diameter. Plum tipped leaves and blue-green foliage near the center of this bromeliad stands out in a sunny spot in the landscape. When mature, this variety sends up a rich purple flower stock up to 3 feet tall.
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Alcantarea 'Odorata' (Alcantarea odorata)
This Alcantarea is another giant Bromeliad.  It can reach a size of 6 feet wide.  A young plant has slender pale green with silver leaves.  The leaves on a mature plant become covered with a silvery white powder.
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Alcantarea Julietta (P) (Alcantarea Hyb.)
With beautiful frosted plum foliage, this Alcantarea specimen is great for any entryway and can grow to a large size.
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