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Hawaiian Wedding Flower (Stephanotis floribunda)
Stephanotis is a favorite plant to grow on fences or trellis. It has a vining habit and will fill in a chainlink fence quite nicely.  The dark green foliage is contrasted nicely with bright white clusters of fragrant flowers.  The flowers are often used for Lei and by florist for use in weddings due to the color and fragrance.  Stephanotis has a flowering season of March to October.
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Pakalana (Telosma cordata)
Pakalana is fast and easy to grow plant in the summer.  During the winter time is slows down and doesn't flower.  It has lovely yellow-orange fragrant flowers and can be used for Lei.  It is an excellent fence plant in a sunny location.  It likes it hot
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Variegated Dischidia 'Cascade' (Dischidia oiantha Variegata)
This trailing plant makes a graceful hanging basket, placed in filtered shade. The white varigated leaf edges contrasts well with it's silver-green centers, and the succulent texture gives this plant a unique appearance for the interior.
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